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  Confidentiality Policy  
  The unauthorized use and interception of confidential and private information constitutes a breach of the applicable legal provisions.  
  OF Group, and its affiliates, is committed to the protection of your personal data. We inform you that you have the right to limit and control the legal treatment of the information that you provide to us, and for such extent please be informed that these are the purposes for which we may gather personal information in accordance to our confidentiality policy: (i) To evaluate the person as a potential client or supplier; (ii) To register a client or supplier with a sole code within our database, in order to prevent duplicity of information; (iii) If applicable, in the preparation and preparation of sales, supply and services contracts; (iv) To provide efficiently the services required by client or carry out efficiently the activities contracted with supplier; (v) To comply with the contractual obligations under the corresponding contracts; (vi) To carry out an analysis of the quality of the services granted or received by our company; (vii) To carry out analysis, market researches and reports; (viii) To comply with our obligations under the applicable legal provisions; and; (ix) To carry out every and each activities and execute such other acts that we are permitted under the law and our corporate bylaws. Please note that you may contact us through the following means: Telephone:  1-956-723-6385 or e-mail: We value and protect your privacy.